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Window Testing:

Water penetration testing of glazing assemblies or walls assists in determining specific leakage paths and provides insight into the potential cause of an envelope failure. Our testing equipment and procedures are in strict compliance with testing standard requirements for various assemblies.

apex3Infrared Thermographic Testing:

Infrared imaging is an exceptional tool for determining  the sources of building envelope problems. The process provides an image which helps to determine heat loss, moisture in assemblies, material absence, and material defects. Our staff includes certified and professionally trained thermographers with extensive experience in collecting appropriate data and interpreting findings.

Second Opinions:

Second opinion assessments are often required to confirm previous findings or to provide support for litigation. Our opinions can verify or substantially deviate from opinions previously encountered. Second opinions are often obtained in order to consider possible economically beneficial avenues for envelope repairs.

Budget Expectations:

This is the development of cost estimates for various material and construction options. Generally several options are presented to clients depending on their requirements. Items that are taken into account during the preparation of budgets often include:

  • Construction costs, including an appropriate deterioration contingency fund
  • Contingency allowance for code deficient issues
  • Consultant Fees 
  • Legal Fees
  • Applicable Taxes
  • Permits
  • Third party warranty costs

Repair Recommendations:

Based on the findings of the condition assessment, we provide various options for repair taking into account energy consumption, maintenance, aesthetics, cost, and other affected categories. Recommendations often reflect current available technology, anticipated service life of components, and the cost effectiveness of proposed solutions.